Chris Laning, aka "Script Van Winkle"Chris Laning (aka “Script Van Winkle”) is a Senior Web Developer with over 20 years of experience. (Yes, that means he started when the two biggest browsers were Netscape and NCSA Mosaic!)  While primarily programming in ColdFusion and JavaScript, Chris has lots of experience with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash, Real Media, Mura, Rhythmyx, XML, XSLT, MSSQL, and MySQL.  He has also been playing around with MongoDB, Express, Angular2, and Node (how very MEAN of him).

As detailed in his very first blog post (Dropping CFScript Functions into Your JS File), Chris “fell asleep” during the mid-2000’s and didn’t wake up until 2011. He has since been playing catch up and details the journey and some of his discoveries here.

But besides being a programmer, Chris has been at various times a podcaster. He has produced and hosted podcasts on topics ranging from community theatre to Disney.  He also has helped several clients launch and maintain their own professional podcasts.  He can edit audio like nobody’s business.  And speaking of business, you can check out his own creative business, Neighborhood Stage Productions.

In his spare time (can you hear the laughter), he also writes church choral music, sings in a church choir, reviews theatrical productions, likes to body surf, likes to go hiking, and volunteers with his son’s Boy Scout Troop.

He may just also be open to bringing his experience, creativity, and unique personality to your firm or project.  At least it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

You can follow him on several social media outlets:

Personal – @claning
 Script Van Winkle – @ScriptVanWinkle

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