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An alarm clockIt seems I fell asleep again!  Well, not so much in my professional life….just with this blog.  Look at the previous post. It was on January 14, 2014!

Why did I dust off the old blog?  Well, because I just might be looking for “new opportunities”. Seriously, this talented (well, experienced anyway) programming dude is looking to charge ahead.

What does that mean for you?  Well, if you are looking for a new teammate…it could mean a ton!  Just let me know (see  About Script Van Winkle for contact info). But if not, it means you will be at the very least seeing more (and current) blog posts from me. I am learning a great many things…all at once. And I will be detailing them in the coming weeks.

And there just might…MIGHT…be a new podcast in the offing.  Short, informative, and hopefully quite entertaining episodes are rolling around this creative mind of mine. I might just need to dust off the old microphone. Stay tuned for that one!

How Many Installs Does Development Take?

About two weeks back, in the middle of a development crunch of course, the hard drive on my work laptop began gently letting me know it was not long for this world.  Without hesitation, I rushed my machine to our IT department for a hard drive transplant.  It proved to be more difficult than first anticipated, and so I was given a loaner laptop.

First day or so I did a lot of online education, not wanting to install anything since it should have only been for a day.  But the problem became increasingly difficult, and ultimately terminal.  The loaner was now going to be my laptop for the next few weeks.

Development couldn’t wait!  I had to get the laptop set up for dev work. No sweat. Code is all committed to source control. Just download my preferred IDE, check out the branch I am working on and away we go!

Hmmm….IDE has changed versions since I first installed it. This version is a little different. Ah…I’ll adjust. Oh yeah, source control was done through a plug-in to the IDE…but which one?  Ok…there are a few….must have been this one!  Nope…but…this might be better.  Ok…code checked out! Let’s develop!

Oh…didn’t set up local server.  I’ve got to do that.  Ok. That’s working.  But pages aren’t serving right. Oh yeah. Need to grab developer version of ColdFusion.  Installed…but don’t have the list of mappings I need.  Bug other team members for mappings. Still not quite right. Oh yeah…forgot custom tag mappings are in two places. All good….no…not quite yet.  A few other settings, and boom!  CF is now working!  Now to develop!

Drat! Homepage works but the other pages are failing.  Oh yeah!  URL rewrites. Need to install rewriter. Grab file of rewrites from repo. Voila. Ready to develop. On to first ticket!

Oops. Ticket involves needing to access the database. Need to reinstall SQL Developer tools.  What?  Can’t get to the install discs today? Oh man!  Ok…what was that freeware tool I used a few years back….frog or something….oh yeah. I remember.  It’s not free anymore?  Figures. I’ll try it out anyway, maybe its better.  Hmm, wonder why they needed my phone number. (five minutes later)  “Hello….yes I did just install the froggie DB thing….like JUST installed it. Your from where? You own the program?  Wait…I thought you made computers…not software?  What am I planning on doing with it? I just thought I would try it out.” (Leaving out that I did so because I was in a bind). “Sure…I’ll call you if I decide to purchase the product at the end of the trial”  (Have a nice life…doubt you will hear from me again).

Oh…a couple of other IDE plug-ins I forgot! I haven’t even reinstalled my VMs, or the framework I am playing with, or the cool open source browser ([ ]) I keep seeing plugged in my Twitter feed.  Oh…and my machine only has IE. So I have some browsers and their associated plug-ins to download. Really. “HOW MANY INSTALLS DOES IT TAKE TO DO SIMPLE DEVELOPMENT?”

Anyone remember when all it took was notepad and a copy of NCSA Mosaic?

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